Mugen Seiki MBX8 Features, Specification and more revealed

Mugen Seiki have unveiled some information about the highly anticipated MBX8 nitro buggy kit. The MBX8 is lightweight, more durable and provides more acceleration and more runtime. The MBX8 features a new chassis design that improves traction and stability in bumpy conditions and on the exit of corners. The steering post are also keyed into the MBX8 chassis for easier maintenance.

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REDS WRX Corsa Lunga long stroke nitro engine

REDS Racing have introduced the new WRX Corsa Lunga 3.5cc nitro engine. This long stroke extreme torque engine follow the REDS philosophy of product innovation, high quality, high performance and reliability. The WRX has been designed to develop an incredible wide RPM range of usable torque thanks to an Extra Long Stroke geometry 16×17.3 mm, 5 scavenger ports and a single exhaust port cylinder sleeve and works with the crankcase to deliver more low-to middle-range torque with less fuel consumption.

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Michal Orlowski continues with Schumacher

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Schumacher Racing have announced the re-signing of their young Polish star Michal Orlowski.

“It has been a pleasure to have both Michal and his father Maciej, as part of our extended family for the last 3 years. We have built a very solid relationship together and look forward to more great success in the future.” – Schumacher Racing

Michal had the following to say:

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Martin Bayer trifecta at XRS Slovakia Rd3


The third round of XRAY Racing Series Slovakia was held last weekend at the Hudy Arena. In 2wd qualifications, it was XRAY’s Martin Bayer who took a pretty easy TQ followed by two XRAY drivers, Max Gotzl in second after a great run in Q3 and Kája Novotný in third. 4wd was a different story with Martin and Kája switching lead multiple times in each qualification and eventually it was Martin who took overall TQ. Few seconds back each run was another duo of Adam Izsay and Max Gotzl fighting for third place and in the end Adam took it. In the Truck class Martin was on another level and took his third TQ of the day with Kája in 2nd place and Max Gotzl starting third.

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Batlle & Kilic win at Advent’s Cup 2017

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The 6th annual Advent’s cup was held at Czypu-Drom indoor track in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany over the weekend. In the Pro E-buggy it was Euro Champion Robert Batlle who took the win after three intensive A finals from Nemo Racing driver Burak Kilic in second and Jörn Neumann in third. In the Junior finals, Burak brought home the win from Laurin Czypulowski in second while his brother Berkan rounded out the podium in third.

Junior class podium here

Boda & Sartel win at XRS France


Last weekend was held the XRS France at the Reims EMC indoor track. The track was more slippery as usual because the weather was cold in the champagne capital. After 3 intensive 2WD rounds of qualifying between Team Associated driver Clément Boda and local driver Antoine Rossetti, Clément managed to take the overall TQ by winning all rounds. The finals were very tight betweenboth drivers. Antoine was able to grabbed the win in A1 and A2 with Clément in second in both. In the last two finals Clément turned things around by winning the A3 and A4 with the best time allowing him the overall victory. Antoine in second and XRAY’s Jean-Pierrick Sartel in third rounded out the top 3. In the 4WD class Jean-Pierrick was the man to beat. He took the overall TQ and the win from Romain Valter in second and Stéphane Deroch in third.

Thanks to Stéphane Boda for the report.

Jason Nugroho TQs & Wins at UCP Fun Race

This past weekend was held the UCP Fun Race at Urban Community Park, Cisauk, West Java, Indonesia. The race was trial race before they will make grand opening race. A total of 45 drivers attended this event from Jakarta, Bandung, Gresik, Solo and Pontianak. Weather was good in the morning until midday, but there was rain after qualifying and it made delay to start the finals. After four qualifying rounds XRAY’s Jason Nugroho took the TQ honours and in the 45 minute final he secured the first position, follow by TLR driver Chopin Yusuf in second and Kyosho’s Edianto Ong in third.

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XRAY unveil XB8’18 1/8 nitro buggy kit

Following the first teaser image, XRAY have introduced the highly anticipated XB8 2018 1/8 nitro buggy kit. This is the next evolution of the ultra-successful XB8’17 platform.


Full presentation here.


All-new XB8 2018.


  • All-new chassis with more space between front wheels and side guards, new positions for rear brace for improved chassis flex characteristics, and chamfered front edges for less dirt pick-up
  • All-new chassis design is now fully compatible between XB8 & XB8E platforms
  • All-new wing mount is 40% lighter with super-low CG. With considerably less weight behind the rear suspension this significantly improves handling characteristics. All-new construction allows more flex. Features new, optimized wing mounting positions
  • All-new rear brace between wing mount and rear chassis brace prevents rear gearbox breakage during impacts, as well as moving the transfer of energy to a different part of the chassis
  • All-new weight transfer from rear wing to the middle of the car reduces tension on the rear diff bulkhead
  • All-new rear body holder
  • All-new rear shock tower features two lines of shock absorber mounting positions and an updated design to allow fitment of the new wing mount and gearbox brace
  • Harder rear lower arms for increased side stability and improved durability in hot conditions
  • All-new stronger, reinforced steering ball joints for increased reliability
  • All-new composite graphite shims between steering ball and nut ensures free operation of pivot balls even in extremely dusty conditions
  • All-new improved diff O-rings for more precise differential sealing
  • Softer shock membranes for improved shock performance in bumpy conditions
  • Rear CVD drive shafts for increased rear traction
  • 2.6mm rear sway bar for increased traction
  • All-new stronger head screws for diff bulkheads for more reliability
  • High-speed body for improved handling on high-speed tracks and improved rotation in tight corners

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