David Ronnefalk sweeps Worlds warm-up

Source: David Ronnefalk (Facebook)

The Worlds warm-up was held at the MORBC track in Perth, Australia over the weekend. On a pretty challenging track David Ronnefalk (HB Racing) would take the overall TQ. Started on pole, Ronnefalk took a commanding victory in the one-hour final by two laps from Kyle McBride (Team Associated) whilst Elliott Boots would take third one lap down.

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HNMC Memorial Charity event

HNMC is running a charity race next weekend 27th of May 2018 standard race format all money raised will go to a charity designated by the Brunsden family. Over the years we have lost racers this will be time to reflect and contribute to a worthy cause. The race will be held in the Nitro Buggy, E-buggy, Nitro Truggy and E-Truggy classes by using BRCA rules. Click here to book and here for more info.

VP-Pro MBX8 pre-drilled wing


VP-Pro have introduced the new rear wing for the Mugen MBX8. The wing features with a removable wickerbill allowing to significantly change the downforce and rear grip. The wing comes pre drilled and available in white, black, yellow colour.

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Mugen MBX8 one-piece engine mount

See: Mugen Seiki

Mugen have introduced a new one-piece aluminium motor mount for the MBX8. It is machined from high-quality aluminium and it comes with a grey surface finish for wear and looks. Using the one-piece mount over the original multi-piece part will improve crankcase support for improved engine and ball bearings durability while also increasing chassis strength and reducing torsional flex. The mount is a direct fit and it will hit stores from end of May.


Pro-Line Slide Lock & Electroshot VTR pre-mounted tyres

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Pro-Line have introduced pre-mounted Slide Lock tyres for 1/8 buggy and pre-mounted ElectroShot VTR for Truggy. The Slide Lock is a unique tyre design that is made specifically for smooth, low grip tracks. The Slide Lock features a pattern of small, tightly packed hexagon and triangle shaped pins so you can lay down as much rubber as possible. The tread on the new Slide Lock is laid out wider across the tyre carcass for a flatter profile overall compared to other Pro-Line 1/8 tyres. Each hexagon pin has a deep sipe down the middle of the tread for added flex and grip on even the slickest of surfaces. The built-in tread flex means you can run harder compounds for longer wear and still have good traction when you need it. The large and stiff side pins reach far down the sidewall to reduce edginess as much as possible. The Slide Lock tyres is mounted on Velocity V2 wheels.

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Pro-Line Slide Job 2.2″ Dirt Oval tyres

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Pro-Line have introduced the new Slide Job 2.2″ Dirt Oval tyres for buggy and Short Course vehicles. The Slide Job tread pattern design was inspired by the tires found in full-size Dirt Oval racing, so you can have realistic style and performance on your Sprint Cars, SC Mod or any 2.2″ Buggy Tyre application. To make it easy on race technical inspection during spec races, Pro-Line has molded in compound identifiers into the sidewall of each tyre. The Slide Job tyre features rounded side tread for consistent slide action that will not catch ruts and flip your car when you throw it up into the corner. The multi-block tread pattern creates great forward grip combined with long lasting and consistent performance that is easy on your pocket book. The Slide Job tyres are available in M4 (Super Soft) compound for the front and rear (buggy) and M3 (Soft) compound for Short Course.

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Pro-Line Pyramid 2.2″ 4WD carpet buggy front tyres

See: Pro-Line

Pro-Line have introduced the new Pyramid 2.2″ 4WD carpet buggy front tyres. The Pyramid features hundreds of large pyramid shaped pins with the knife edge pointed front to back and side to side for maximum grip that stay sharp even as they wear down. The carcass shape has been optimized for the demands of astro racing, which is smaller and narrow than standard dirt tires for improved agility. The Pyramid comes in Soft (Z4) and Medium (Z3) compounds for both cold and hot weather conditions.

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Raceform Stadium Truck tyre gluing conversion kit

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Raceform have introduced a tyre conversion kit designed to convert the Lazer buggy tyre gluing jig for gluing 2.2 Stadium Truck tyres. The conversion only takes a minute and allows with a single tool to gluing all 1/10 electric class tyres.