T-Work’s carbon fibre servo mount spacer set

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T-Work’s have introduced a set of carbon fibre servo mount spacers. The set includes three pairs of 1.0mm, 2.0mm and 2.5mm thick carbon fiber servo mount spacers to provide your servo with a rigid mounting surface to ensure that your servo stays tight and the screws don’t loosen as the plastic shims compress over time as the plastic shims compress over time. The servo mount spacers increase also the overall clearance.

Mugen MBX8 aluminium rear shock tower

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Mugen Seiki have introduced a new battery aluminium rear shock tower for the MBX8 and MBX8 ECO. This optional part offers a new raised wing mount position to increase stability and rear traction. The camber link locations and shock mounting locations are the same as the original MBX8 shock tower.

Mugen MBX8 battery connector holder

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Mugen Seiki have introduced the new battery connector holder for the MBX8. The 3D-printed part was developed for the users who use the battery and receiver extension wires instead of the switch. The battery connector holder allows to fix firmly the connectors and prevent from a contact failure of the connectors due to vibration while vehicle is moving. The battery connector holder is fixed with two screws on the receiver box.

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Matthew Pyle doubles at Beat The Hype Trophy Race Rd2


The second round of Annual Beat the Hype Trophy Race was held last weekend at the PCRC Raceway in Bolivar, Missouri. Matthew Pyle (XRAY) swept all three rounds of qualifying in both the 2WD Buggy and 4WD Buggy classes, though TQ was determined via “Rocket Round”. In finals, everything worked out great for Pyle and he managed to take the win in both classes. The XRAY duo of Damon Teel and Scott Neeman rounded out the top 3 in 4WD while Scott Neeman (XRAY) and Nick Cummins completed the podium in 2WD.

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AVID B6.1 titanium slipper screw


AVID have introduced new titanium slipper screw for the Team Associated B6.1, B6.1D, T6.1, and SC6.1. The slipper screw is made from billet 6Al-4V titanium and designed to reduce rotating mass, nearly 50% lighter than the kit steel screw. The slipper screw comes pre-pinned so you don’t lose the first pin instantly and a spare is included.

Spektrum DX5 Pro 5-Channel DSMR radio

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Spektrum have introduced the new DX5 Pro 5-Channel DSMR radio. The Spektrum DX5 Pro includes more ergonomic options so that everything you drive can respond more harmoniously. Plus, the DX5 Pro gives bashers, boaters and racers a class-leading list of pro-class features, all at a remarkably affordable price.

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David Ronnefalk’s Pro Tips: steering plates

HB Racing’s David Ronnefalk is back with another Pro Tips video showing us how to chose the right steering plates of your HB Racing vehicle. More videos are available in the David’s Youtube channel here.

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XRAY XB8 2-way flow Delrin shock piston set


XRAY have introduced five sets of 2-way flow Delrin shock pistons for the XB8, XB8E and XT8. Manufactured from specially-formulated composite material, the pistons provide smooth action & durability. Well-proven molding process ensures perfect piston roundness after production, so that the pistons move perfectly inside the shock bodies for identical shock action in all four shocks.

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