1/10 Offroad News

Yokomo multi–purpose bag

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Yokomo have introduced a new multi–purpose bag. Measuring 510mm × 310mm, the bag is made made of durable, sturdy and thick canvas material. It is large and soft enough to store and transport your precious 1/10 vehicle or transmitter and protect them from scratches. To complete the look and finish, the bag is printed with the new Yokomo Factory Team logo and comes with a yellow drawstring.

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Team Associated unveils B74 4WD buggy prototype

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Team Associated have released some photos of the forthcoming B74 1/10 4WD buggy. Once again, AE engineers have used SLA-printed material to create a prototype. The translucent material is useful in examining pre-production parts to visualize the design and make some refinements before production.

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Pro-Line introduce more body paints

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Pro-Line Racing have added to their line of body paints 12 new colors. The spray paint is specially formulated to help you achieve the same jaw dropping results as Pro-Line’s painters. Developed by R/C body painters for painters, this water-based airbrush paint is ultra-flexible, extremely durable and easy to use.

SRT sign Zachary Rogers

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SRT have announced the signing of US driver Zachary Rogers to their factory team. As a top RC driver in USA for years, Z.Rogers has already won countless trophies and honors. 13.5 Champion at the Hot Rod Shootout, Champion winner of 13.5 Reedy Truck Race, Multi-time JBRL 2wd, 4wd, Truck Champion, Vice Champion in both Open E-buggy and Nitro Buggy at The Dirt Nitro Challenge, along with many regional race victories. In addition, Zachary is Kyosho America team manager, who shows his great passion in RC activities and offers professional help to many RC fans. Zachary is using SRT BH9032, BH9022, BH8015 HV brushless servos in his cars. He said, “I love them, not only they are coolest and best looking on the market, they also work great and SRT have the best quality products in the field of RC servos.”

Pro-Line Trencher, Sand Paw & Street Fighter LP 2.8″ ST pre-mounted tires

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Pro-Line Racing have introduced three new Low Profile 2.8″ pre-mounted tires for the Traxxas Stampede and Rustler. First up is the Trencher LP 2.8” all-terrain tire. Whether it is loose or hard-packed dirt, sand, snow, street or gravel the Trencher LP 2.8″ tire is up to the task. The Trencher tread was designed to have ultimate traction combined with long-lasting durability. Each tire lug is shaped to dig into whatever surface you are running on and is ultra-thick so that it is extremely durable.

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Pro-Line Prism & Wedge LP 2.2″ carpet buggy tires

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Pro-Line Racing have introduced the new Prism and Wedge LP 2.2″ carpet tires for 1/10 buggies. First up is the Prism 2.2″ front 2WD buggy tire, it features tons of ultra-sharp Prism-shaped pins in the middle of the tire combined with wedge style pins on the outside for incredible steering on small and tight carpet tracks without the edgy feel of full pin tires. The pins on the Prism are slightly smaller than the original pin point tire but there are many more of them, which results in faster and more consistent lap times. The Prism pins have been positioned with the knife edge pointed front to back and side to side for maximum grip and stay sharp even as they wear down. The Prism 2WD front tire perfectly pairs with Pro-Line’s Prism 2.0 rear tire for ideal carpet racing performance.

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PR Racing SB401R-T 1/10 4WD Truggy coming soon

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Coming soon from PR Racing is the forthcoming SB401R-T 1/10 4WD competition electric truggy. No information about the new kit have leaked in the wake but it is rather easy to guess that it is based on the SB401 1/10 4WD buggy. Full details and detailed images about the truck should become available very soon.

PSM universal low profile fan mount

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PSM have introduced a new universal low profile fan mount. The symmetrical design allows two fans to be installed oppositely, for creating maximum cooling performance. PSM’s special aluminium provides permanent clamping force so that manual clamping is not required. The fan mount will work with all Ø36mm brushless motors.

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