1/10 Offroad News

HB Racing D418 slipper set

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HB Racing have introduced the new slipper set for the D418. This optional slipper allows racers to tune their buggy for optimal performance. It’s recommended for high traction carpet tracks to help absorb drivetrain impacts when landing jumps, which improves the reliability and life of the drivetrain. It can also be used on low traction surfaces to tune wheel spin when accelerating for better corner exit speeds and on-power steering.

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PowerStar PC-600, PC-900 & PC-1600 HV servos

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PowerStar have introduced three new digital servos, the PC-600, the PC-900 HV and the PC-1600 HV. Specially designed to be use with RTR vehicles, these servos feature a plastic case and a digital cordless motor.

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XRAY XB4 graphite composite lower rear arms


XRAY have introduced new graphite composite lower rear arms for the XB4. Moulded from specially-formulated graphite composite mixture, the arms are a perfect fit for high-traction conditions. The graphite arms make the car more stable and give increased cornering speed. Intelligent arm design allows for variable positioning of the rear shocks. Depending on track conditions, the rear shocks can be installed either in front of or behind the rear shock tower, and the rear shock tower can be placed either in front of or behind the bulkhead.

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VRP ET410 carbon fibre shock towers

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Vision Racing Products have introduced new carbon fibre shock towers for the Tekno RC ET410. Specially designed to be used on Astro Turf and Carpet surfaces, both rear and front towers are machined from 4mm carbon fibre with the shock mounting holes +4mm. This allows the ride height to be lowered and improves performance on high traction surfaces.The rear tower has the camber mounts on the tower and includes a lower hole that will help the camber gain needed for higher bite tracks.

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XRAY XB2D’19 2WD buggy


Following the release of the XB2C 2019, XRAY have introduced the highly anticipated XB2D 2019 1/10 2wd buggy.

All-new 2019:

  • All-in-one concept featuring front motor & mid motor build options included in the kit
  • Includes both laydown and standup parts sets: gearboxes, motor upper brace, alu motor mounts, gear box idler gears, shock towers, rear roll center holders, gear covers and battery holders
  • All-new shorter chassis for improved weight balance and improved traction
  • All-new ultra-smooth ball diff increases traction & life time
  • All-new multi-function rear upright helps to generate more traction & increase stability
  • All-new longer rear arms for increased traction and consistency
  • All-new RR suspension holder is compatible with both the new long arms and standard XB2 rear arms
  • All-new longer rear driveshafts with 2.5mm pins for smoother operation
  • All-new battery holder shifts electronics closer to the rear for better weight distribution in front motor configuration
  • All-new 2-pads slipper for improved traction in low bite situations
  • All-new Alpha 2 body for increased traction & stability
  • All-new rear wing for increased traction
  • Includes hard front steering block to improve handling
  • Includes new rear wheels with deeper recess for wheel nuts
  • Includes new composite chassis front guard from Hard material that increase stability of the car
  • Includes new shorter composite front chassis side braces and soft graphite chassis guards
  • Includes hard front suspension arms suitable for medium & high traction
  • Includes hard front upper deck that makes the car more precise
  • New greased ball-bearings for front steering blocks and rear uprights increase lifespan in dusty conditions.
  • Revised shock absorber lower shims for more precise shock shaft movement

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“Race In To Reedy” & Holiday Brawl Event Announcements 

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The Reedy Race is pleased to announce two opportunities for those racers that were not drawn in the lottery for the Open Class. On January 19, 2019 at 6pm, OCRC will host a qualifying event where racers will vie for five additional spots in the Open Class and earn a position in the Reedy International Off-Road Race of Champions. These five spots will be in addition to the original 100 drawn lottery entrants. 

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MIP Tenacity 41T 1Mod spur gear

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MIP have introduced 41 tooth 1Mod spur gear for the Losi Tenacity. he spur is precision machined and not molded to quiet down the drivetrain tremendously. It will change overall gearing and helps increase bottom end punch.

Roapex Trigger, Tracker, Rhythm & Morph 1/10 SC tyres

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HRC Distribution have introduced a range of four 1/10 Short Course tyres from Roapex, the Trigger, Tracker, Rhythm and Morph tyres. The Tracker, Rhythm and Morph tyres feature an aggressive and open tread pattern with containing multiple blocks while the Trigger tyre sports a realistic look with on-road tread style. The tyres come in high quality soft compound which provide high grip and are mounted on standard 12mm hex black wheels. These tyres will be available in Europe in November.

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